Dreams of Blue Skies COM0011 POST 3


Family weddings can be fun and a lot of work. It starts out slow but the month before it becomes a circus. My daughter was married this summer, at our home. The wedding was outside the meal was outside and the music was also outside. The bride and groom decided this is what they wanted last January, before the summer of the rains.

Last time we looked for dresses my daughters and myself went to a bridal store to order the dresses. Things have changed quite a bit in the last seven years, kilts were ordered online from Scotland. You went online to see how to measure the kilt the right way, and put in an order, a week later you had a kilt. The wedding dress was bought at a store, but many pictures off line were taken into the store to compare with the selection of the wedding dresses. My dress came from China in only two weeks made just for me. The RSVP’s were done on Facebook, and the bride could tell who had not responded and how many people would be coming to the wedding.   The gift registry was online and wedding gifts just showed up at the bride’s door.

The week before the wedding the bride came to the conclusion the weather might not be sunny and dry. She followed the weather forecasts on TV, her phone, and the most important one the Famers Almanac which would never lie. The Monday before the wedding it rained, along with the Tuesday and Wednesday which also rained, which meant not much could be done ahead of time

By Thursday the weather started to become nicer not warm but not rain. By this time you could talk to the bride if you didn’t bring up the weather or comment on the skies. The tents came in and the decorations were completed and the trailers started coming in on Thursday for people staying overnight or for the weekend.

The day event had become a long weekend for many of the families on both sides. Some family members came in on Friday and stayed to Monday which meant the party was ongoing. Everyone prayed for good weather for many reasons. It is not fun to be in a middle of a field with a few tons of steel called trailers sinking into the ground from the rain. A brides wedding dress is not so pretty wet and dirty from the mud.

The gods where looking down on us on the ninth of August, the weather was beautiful the skies were blue and no rain to been seen. It was one of the hotter days in the summer that we had. My daughter looked beautiful and the groom and the male attendance looked great in their kilts. The wedding went off without a problem.

If I was asked about an outside wedding I would say yes to some of it but leaving the whole wedding outside is living dangerously. Have the reception and meal inside you can be married anywhere. Did I mention there was three hundred people at the wedding and more at the reception? The gods were looking after these two people who had a wonderful wedding and a beautiful day.


Too old to be in the saddle?


Great I have an interview at last, it been a whole six weeks since I lost my job. I really thought I would have a job by now. Who knew it would be so hard to get your foot in the door, even a toe for god sakes.

But the day has come and I am ready. I am dressed to the nines and have all my paper work ready to go. I am going to get this job I just know it.   That is what I thought until the first words out of the managers mouth is YOU ARE TOO OLD. What, did I age from home to the interview?

Then he explains that he thinks I am the same age as himself. He doesn’t want to train me and have me leave in two years. Who would have thought I would make so much money at this job I could retire in two years.

Well the interview didn’t go the way I thought it would, and I am still trying to find an office job. I believe the right job is just around the corner. As long as I don’t age to fast I think I have another ten years out of me before I have to hang up the saddle.

60 and looking for a job

Looking for a job at 60. I have always worked never had a problem getting a job. life is funny not in the lol but funny in a twisted kind of way. I will be sixty in three weeks and looking for a job is a whole new experience then it was even ten years ago.  When into the employment office  and put in my information for unemployment and picked up my paper work for Canada pension.  if that isn’t twisted I don’t know what is.

twisted Deb